Jamie Krien: Athlete of the Month

CrossFit Lincoln loves to show appreciation to their members by featuring an Athlete of the Month. For this simple shoot I mixed the audio, filmed some of the b-roll, and edited it into the final product.


Jostens Yearbook Advisor Testimonial

Jostens, the largest yearbook company in the US, is one of my favorite clients because I get to meet inspiring people and travel across the country. For this shoot, we traveled to Atlanta, Georgia and interviewed a few yearbook advisors. I assisted with the audio, lighting, b-roll, and did the final edit.


LES Tiny House

LES wanted a video to show at their annual Sustainable Living Festival about a tiny house college students built for them. These interviews were a challenge because we filmed in a noisy construction site, but I learned more about audio mixing and post-production in the end. For this video I did the audio, b-roll, and final edit.