Shelby Parks Instagram Cut (Find Your Grind)

For each Find Your Grind mentor video we made an accompanying social cut. This meant square framing, different graphics, and under one minute. I love making social cuts because it’s a fun exercise of grabbing the best pieces of a video and showcasing them to the world.


Gratitude Episode Instagram Cut (The Harbor)

Something important about social cuts is adding subtitles. Most people don’t listen to audio when scrolling, so it was important in this video to include graphics and subtitles to get the message across efficiently. I also needed to make sure the viewer could see the graphics even though there is less screen in square mode.


Hot Ones Challenge Instagram Cut (ROROFLIX Studios)

At ROROFLIX we like to make food challenge videos for fun, and this one was hilarious to edit! We do a full version for YouTube and a short version for Instagram. This was a great way for me to learn how to mix things up visually in a short amount of time.